Wednesday, December 02, 2009

If this is news, maybe you need a better newspaper

So, my monocultural friend, you are confronted with a page in a non-English language. Someone has sent it to you (not a spammer) with recommends that it is cool/funny/insightful/shocking/blue/tasty/etc.

What do you do??

A) Allow eyes to roll up into head. Oh No, language that is not English! Does not compute! Quickly shut browser and/or burn computer monitor to remove affronting content.

Or do you

B) Translate the page (probably not very well) and enjoy the magics that is Tech Nolo Gee!

How, you may ask, does one command the wisdom of the sages to perform such a feat?  Or maybe you just grunt.

First, get Google toolbar. Probably it has nephariosuly installed itself already onto your browser, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Toolbar should look something like this - oo I have mail!

Second, go here

Third, scroll down to about mid-page, find the language you want (English), and drag that button up to your browser.

Fourth, give the bird to the tower of Babylon, you are master of all languages!

Finally, now that you are empowered, go back through aaaaall of my blog and check out the Dutch links.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Very useful, since I know someone in Europe. Good to know it exists, but I'm not sure about adding it to my toolbar just yet. Thanks though! Now I see the usefulness of the site in your last post! BTW, I did look for a button at the bottom of the page that would indicate an English version before I grunted and left. :-)

Dad said...

I hope this isn't some sort of quiz and we're going to have to provide you the translation of a link from 2007 in order to stay with you when we're in Amsterdam.

alexis said...

there will be a brief written exam but nothing you can't handle with a few hours of study dad!