Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Roundup

We were blessed with much hotter and sunnier weather for the season this weekend. Having lived here for expat forever, I know when it is nice weather you cancel any earlier indoor plans and get your pale ass outside. Because god knows when the sun will shine again. It's probably the first time since being in New Mexico that the Munchkin has experienced direct sunlight so you can imagine she was somewhat puzzled by the warm glowing thing in the sky, all the comforting gray replaced with blue.

Hence a weekend spent outside as munch as possible. Friday day was lovely. We met up with neighbor friend M and her two boys in the morning, then went across the park to visit with tiny new baby girl T. Oh and her parents C and D. :)

Friday night sucked big monkey balls. Firstly I got a bit of hunger crabs. Also the business of the week hit me all at once, making me feel very tired. And I had forgotten about a friend's drinks/birthday do thing at a get together organized by a social networking site thing. This caused stress at home, having had sort of formulated other ideas in my head involving pajamas and burritos with husband in my head (and also husband's head).You were meant to sign up for the social networking whatever thing ahead of time, which of course I'd totally spaced on. I stuffed some leftover stampot into my mouth, put on a non-nursing top, and cycled over - only to find out the event was completely over booked and I couldn't go in anyways! Came back home, had a bit of a snip with husband then went to bed early even for parents of a baby feeling sorry for myself. Ah, but not for long. A few hours later, Munchkin having a rough night, my stomach started rolling and all the leftovers came back up. How is it possible something you cooked literally only the night before goes bad? Mysterious. Anyways, Friday night = suckville.

Saturday, bit of a queasy stomach, but another pretty nice day. I am allowed an epic lie in thanks to OH taking the Munchkin downstairs. We jettison all plans to do responsible things like shopping and chores and head out to the park for a picnic with our friends C and D and some other friends. That is pretty much the whole day! Have a very quick meal and pass out the night before at home.

Sunday is another gorgeous day. Munchkin has a rotten night of sleep. I slap her in the wrap and we head out into the sunshine so OH can sleep in. We wander into Vondelpark - 3 for 3 days in the park! OH joins us later. We go for Dutch pancakes, and after a roundabout walk, head home. Plenty of time for Munchkin to play, we catch parents on skype, and collapse.


Dad said...

We were especially pleased that we got to see so much of the Munchkin on Skype!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Well, those types of Friday will happen. At least Saturday and the weather was great! Dutch pancakes....yumm.