Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pittig Meisje

Last night was our first ever Parent Teacher meeting! We met with the group leaders for Munchkin's baby group who prepare for each baby a thorough report on their development in all aspects. We walked through the report and agreed on the whole that the Munchkin is behaving exactly the same at the creche as she is at home. It is a relief to know that at least at this young age she hasn't decided that she will be one child at home and a different one outside the home. They can sometimes act up more with parents than in "school" I guess. Perhaps that will still come, of course!

You could summarize three points from the meeting:

1.  Munchkin is a very normal munchkin, her development is spot on track for her age. Hurrah! I feel ever grateful that I have a healthy, happy kiddo.

2. Munchkin is a "pittig meis" - a fiesty girl. Which we noticed as well. Munchy will let you know exactly what she wants (by crying). She is constantly on the move, not one of this chill kiddos who is content to sit and observe their surrounds. Now that she is getting more mobile, she can really act on this. OH had to smile because he basically observed this in her only an hour after her birth. She had what the medical staff termed a "difficult birth" but as far as he could see she was already a spitfire at 1 hour old. We will see how much fun this is when she gets older.

3. We need to chill out about sleep and specifically naps. We asked the creche what magic they used to get her to nap. Their answer - absolutely nothing. When she looks tired they lay her down with her lovey (snuggle toy) and giver her her dummy (pacifier). If she settles and sleeps, hurrah! If she is crying and restless, they take her out again! They try again later. We never do that. We struggle forever (some ugly instances upwards of an hour) to try to get her to nap. The creche folk told us "you crazy". She is a happy child with the sleep she gets. They reiterated the old addage, every baby is different. Another baby in her group takes three half hour naps per day and is perfectly happy with that.

Rather than fret about her amount of sleep, we should just keep doing what we are doing, being aware of signs of sleepiness and trying to give her opportunities to sleep. And if she doesn't, we just need to relax. Easier said than done. I think there was a time when we really felt like she was not getting enough sleep but in the rush that is parenting I don't know if this was really the case or if it just passed.


Dad said...

I remember your oldest sister as a baby hardly ever slept. We thought it was crazy because at the time the books were saying baby's should be sleeping major amounts of the day. And she basically stayed that way through out her early years.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Well that's nice that you get to have a parent/teacher meeting at that age. I just assumed you'd only be able to have a quick chat with them at the start or end of the day. Good stuff