Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Round Up

We had an exciting weekend full of peaks and one low. Well, exciting by our standards. Firstly it was stunning weather: 23C / 80's F. On Friday Munchkin and I had lunch with our friends C and T (T being 3 month old) and then we had an awesome playdate across town with friends from birth class and friends of friends from birth class. Burritos and movie in the evening. I had a request for the film: a pause from the usual blood and gore and violence that seems to be in everything these days. So we watched Being Elmo. Unfortunately, even in this film, Jim Henson dies, but at least they don't depict it on screen.

Saturday was a short, hectic day getting last details ready for a friend's Hen night (bachelorette party)! Munchy's naps were a bit off, getting up very early and wanting to nap straight thereafter. I nipped out to the store in the meantime, not planning to buy much but ultimately getting a crap ton. Walking back with my massive sack of groceries, I totally missed the gigantic slab of broken glass and stepped right on it. Went straight through my rubber sole sandals and into my foot. Stupid thing must have been about an inch long spike but fortunately the shoe took the brunt of it and I was nearly home so I could hobble back relatively easily. The cut itself was hardly a cm deep I think, so again, super lucky that it was not much worse !

Of course I cannot divulge what happened at the Hen's Night as part of my solemn vow to silence.

Sunday was hectic in the afternoon. We had double booking: a very late arranged birthday party and at the same time we had suggested a picnic last minute to which a lot of friends replied.It sucked because we'd have liked to have stayed longer at the birthday party but as we had organized the picnic we couldn't exactly not show up. We had a brilliant time at both events and even managed to skype with a bunch of people back home.

Monday we took Munchkin to the red light district! Hah, as you can imagine, not the most baby-friendly area but one of the working ladies waved at Munchy from behind her glass door. Actually we were going to see the World Press Exhibit, which showcases the best press photos from the previous year. Boy was 2011 a depressing year! The tsunami in Japan, the shootings in Norway, the violence surrounding the Arab Spring. We met a couple people from our birth class, and it was good fun to see everyone again and see how big the kids are getting. I think it may be one of our last exhibits we will see in a while though - Munchy was ALREADY getting restless, this at nine months old! 

In general a very good weekend minus the whole stepping on glass thing and being very busy.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Sounds like a good weekend.

I generally carefully curate our movie watching because I can't handle blood, gore, or violence. (Andrew gets to watch that on his own.) But sometimes it slips by me. We watched Tintin last weekend, and I skipped large portions of it because of the violence. That was unexpected, from a kid's movie.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Hey, be careful with the glass cut. When was your last tetanus shot? If it breaks the skin and it's random on the street, you never know what it could have on it. Be careful.

Dad said...

Yes, lucky indeed. Broken glass is nasty, nasty stuff.