Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Photo Cop Out Entry

Hurrah, it's Friday and I'm exhausted. Time for another Cop-Out Friday Photo Entry! Sadly OH's laptop, after five years of faithful service, finally bit the dust and went to that Big Living Room in the Sky. All good laptops go to heaven to sit on angel's laps and surf pictures of kittens hugging teddy bears, so don't feel bad for it.
We got a new camera for skyping. Quality of the image is improved but you cannot zoom out so we end up with a lot of conversations like this so Munchy can also be in the picture. Well, when she can be bothered

This from a couple weeks ago, Munchkin starting to pull herself up

Dear friends getting ready to have kids: behold the amount kiddo crap on our floor. And this is just one. And she's not even walking yet.

Naturally the best toy is Mommy's whatever - hat, hair, phone... 

Practicing our standing! Man, lookah them pale-ass arms. Vampires weep in envy at my skin's lack of sunlight exposure

Nine month olds not appreciating the World Press Photo Exhibit

Sadly this is the only picture that survived the death knoll of OH's laptop to document Munchkin's rise to fame - haha, pulling herself up to standing that is.. He downloaded all the most recent pictures and erased them off the camera just before his laptop bit the bullet, so no pictures of the standing itself this week I'm afraid.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Nice pictures! I've got no pasty white arms, but that's because I got a bit of sunburn two weeks ago (even though I applied sunscreen twice). Pasty white arms = no skin cancer. Enjoy it :)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Soooo pasty white.....You need a trip to the sun somewhere!

alexis said...

Joe I don't think any trip is going to help these arms.

Dad said...

It was very funny to see what you're actually doing when we talk to you :)

And I think I recognize that couple on your computer screen!

Pulisha said...

Kids wanting only what Mommy has is a stage that will last until...well, I still haven't figured that out yet but it's still going strong at 13!