Tuesday, June 05, 2012


We have mice and I am a bad person. When I came here many, many, maaany moons ago, I brought with me a cat. A useless cat who never in our entire 9 years together caught so much as a bug. This was why I didn't realize what a service she was performing simply by existing. That is, she was keeping away mice.

There is a big problem with mice and the old crappy flats of Amsterdam. We had actually loaned the cat out to friends for this purpose. Natural selection means that the mice that are left have cottoned on to all the traditional forms of rodent control. In fact they know when you are just trying to fake them out with borrowing a cat (they realize the cat isn't permanent) or cat fur. But they never figured out my cat could not have hurt them unless she hired a hit man, so she kept them at bay.

As some of you may recall, dear puss cat passed away last year after a good long run. A few months later, introduce solids + a baby into the picture and it is not so surprising that all of a sudden we have a mouse problem. OH is an old hand at this. Growing up in the country, he takes it all in stride. Me however, I have had a cat for most of my independent adult life. I have never been bothered with mice. In plain terms, they freak the hell out of me. I have never understood how cartoons could be made of the nasty, disease-carrying little buggers as if they were heroes. They are a pain in the ass and with the Munchkin I get into serious, hormone-fired mama bear mode when I see the little poops they leave all over the place.

I went out and bought a bunch of traps. A few ineffective days later, we spied one the other night hiding behind the microwave. We tried to catch it and failed, but did manage to discover what is probably their main entrance into the flat. There is even an ancient box of poison from a previous owner down there. I placed a couple traps out, including these glue paper things that to be totally honest I didn't really understand but was willing to go along for the ride.

Note for animal-lovers: stop reading here.

Next morning, one of the infiltrators was caught on the glue paper trap thing, a large cloud of poop in its wake. Who knew they pooped so much? Apparently they just poop on a continuous basis. Why do people keep mice as pets? So many questions from one little answer. I had to dispose of it because I rather stupidly did not realize that the glue was just that - glue. And the poor thing was just stuck there, looking for all the world like it couldn't believe this was how its glorious career was going to end.

Does it make me a bad person that I did this? I know people have strong feelings about cute fuzzy animals. But I get into a protective rage just thinking about them leaving their potentially harmful poops all over our flat, especially now that Munchkin is on the crawl (oh yes, more on that soon).

Safe for animal-lovers to start reading again.

I had sworn I wouldn't get a cat again for a while. Pets while you are on holiday are no fun to try to arrange care for, not that we are traveling all that much. But I am not adjusting to our new mouse-reality and from all that I've read they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Nor do I like the idea of having to constantly clean and try to block up all the wholes in my flat. OH is decidedly more cavalier about the whole thing.I suppose he survived a childhood with mice.


Dad said...

You are a good person. Poo on all these folks that anthropomorphize animals. I they could get to the top of the food chain they'd do exactly the same to us!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I am not fond of rodents in the house either, but I won't use the glue traps. I have no problem killing them, but I don't want them to suffer a long time, either.

Here's hoping you can find some effective traps and get it under control. OH might be blase, but if you're not, then something has to be done :)

Lauren said...

I live in the country now and we have all sorts of creatures, but I agree I'm not crazy about mice! Get a new kitty, it might be a small challenge but I think the pros outweigh the cons!

Icarus said...

re=posting comment, apologies if duplicate.

My wife says that having a baby grow up with pets, specifically cats, will help prevent them from developing allergies. Don't know what the success rate for that is, but it seems to have worked for me and for her nephews.

regarding the glue trap -- i learned that lesson when I was about 8 and had to put a mouse out of its misery with a standard trap because the poor guy had torn his guts attempting to escape. Note: I wasn't the one who set the glue trap.

NMichelle said...

Sadly definitely not true about kids, pets and allergies :( I miss my kitty who caused me to break out in rashes at the end. There should be a cat swap so that you only have it a few months out of the year and then it rotates to the next house :-) could be a good business venture =;)

Gill - UK said...

Mice are fine - but definitely not in the house. You have to get rid of them because they bring all sorts of nasty organisms with them into the house and you have to be especially particular with munchkin on the move.
Ordinary mouse traps are usually effective and they do not let the creature linger - I don't like the sound of glue traps.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Mice exist to be exterminated! Glue traps are tough, but if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. My T-Rex is pretty awesome and they make them for mice too. If they aren't lured into regular traps though, then probably only glue traps will work. If they are "beating" the regular mouse traps, then go T-Rex!

Rob said...

Second mouse down! This one made the mistake of running back to the mousehole as I was there, and jumped straight onto a glue-trap, landing spreadeagled... Disposed of quickly after that.

alexis said...

I agree with all the comments above - them mice are going down. Basra if necessary Joe!

The critter and disease sh** freaks me out too much to leave it alone.