Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Picture Cop Out Entry!

Well, any day of the week is a good day for copping out isn't it?
Have you tried the orange stars recently? I hear they're excellent this year.

Munchy's enamoration of the elephants continues

The debate continues - who will she look more like, mom or dad? Well, photos like these aren't helping my case.

Now we just need to find the giant mobile IMUNCHKIN sign

When she is olympic gold medalist in wrestling, I am holding this one in reserve.

At the zoo with our friends K and I - seriously the cutest, most romantic couple I know. And they've been together for ages. THAT'S romance!

The Piranha (now Munchkin) meets her kin at Artis aquarium

Ah, when the kids go mobile - I think about 90% of our photos will look something like this one.

But if you're quick you can still get your snuggle on.


joshv said...

For some reason parents can't tell who their kids look like. But even I can tell Lily has my massive forehead.

And yeah, munchy definitely looks like her dad.

Dad said...

Boy, she really was excited by visiting her kin. Her hair is really getting blond!

alexis said...

Dad, it changes in the light! But definitely a dirty blond - so she'll probably end up brown like her parents.

Josh, I do think she looks like Rob, but she sometimes makes faces like me! :)