Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Round Up

We had a lovely weekend! Friday was mamadag and I almost didn't do any work. No formal plans in the morning, so Munchkin and I did a load of shopping and playing. After nap we met a friend of a friend for coffee and Munchkin managed to "buy"  two chocolate bars by becoming obsessed with the sweets display and sticking the gold packaging in her mouth. Unfortunately while this place has excellent coffee their chocolates don't move as fast and are generally not very nice.

Friday evening we went out to dinner! We got a babysitter and snuck out to meet up with our friends E and D. They themselves have two kiddos. We went to someplace I had somehow gotten in my head was a BBQ joint but was actually just a steak joint. So that was self-created disappointment but the food was good and so was the company.

Saturday we did our usual shopping. I went out early with Munchkin to give her a run around and OH came out to join us to help get the shopping home. Just as well we went out when we did, because it was wet and gray and horrible the rest of the day. There was only one way to respond, which was to make a giant pot of chili. We also watched a really nice documentary The Queen of Versailles, which traces the economic crisis as experienced by a billionaire family.

Sunday we enjoyed the return of the sun and after taking Munchkin out to the park we got a call from friends E and M, so we met up and had lunch. Excellent to get kids together - they really run each other ragged. Munchkin had an excellent nap and I had time to render 1,5 kg chicken fat to make schmaltz in preparation for Thanksgiving festivities. The smell totally took me back. I can't wait to cook with it. We were due to have a play date in the afternoon with a friend but both our kids overslept! So it was skyping and dinner and nothing much.

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Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

The New York Times had a long magazine piece on that movie. It looked pretty interesting.