Thursday, January 03, 2013

Internet and Ocean

Hello folks, we are back on the grid again! After a day to settle into sunshine, we hit the road at a leisurely pace en route to the coast. The first night we stayed in a gorgeous self-catering on the outskirts of Clarens. We stayed two nights, had the luxury of a third room where Munchkin could sleep undisturbed, and had a pretty decent kitchen. It also had it's own little garden and a beautiful view on the grass covered sand stone mountains. It also had a cat. At first we tolerated the cat. Then we saw it was exceptionally tolerant of Munchkin's total adoration (she has evidently fully exploded into the "OMFG, animals!" phase). Then we realized it was just cozying up for a chance for food and were less excited about it. The main irritation was the cat's persistance. The house was a bungalo so we found it one morning in Munchkin's room - not cool at all. The next night it managed to get into our room. We eventually figured out it was getting through the low opening windows and shut the beast out.

Clarens is a lovely, touristy town. We went for an uneventful breakfast, wandered around the town, then after a bit of lunch Munchkin and the men went back for naps and the ladies shopped a bit more before walking home. We had a wonderfully quiet new years. We braaied (grilled out), drank, and I learned how to play a very popular game called Caracan. It was good fun and it was so nice not to be in Amsterdam for the new year. Amsterdam is loud and boisterous, and with a little one we are just not into that scene right now. Plus we have hopefully managed to avoid our annual tradition of a tire going flat - we will only know when we go home.

After Clarens we set out for the mountains, the Drakensbergs. Our friends had warned us that we would be "roughing it" for this stop, which was a bit of a nostalgia for O who used to stay there often when he was younger. "There" is a mountain lodge, built about 40 years ago and looking very much like it was. The rooms are thirds of a corregated cylander, and if it is not cloudy you have stunning views of the mountain. It is also right at the top of the mountain via a steep road. By the time we got up there we were all thankful and despite the accomodations being indeed rustic we enjoyed being in a very different type of holiday home. People used to come up here for their entire holidays. We hung out in the lounge, eavesdropping on the university students who had also come up for a getaway from visiting their parents for holidays. It was intersesting to note that university kids around the world have the same conversations.

More tomorrow I think we should have ample time for blogging.

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