Friday, January 18, 2013

RETURN OF THE MUNCHKIN! - by plane that is

As promised, a gory, blow-by-blow of our flight back with a small child. Those of you with multiple children will laugh at our complaints, which I am sure will seem petty and weak in comparison with what you deal with. Special note to our friend M who recently moved back to Australia (well Tasmania but who's counting), but until then was carting to the US and Australia with her 2 boys - total respect girl.

Anywho, the deets. Actually it was not that bad. The flight from Joburg to Amsterdam leaves at midnight. We put Munchkin to bed early in hopes of her getting a few hours of sleep beforehand. We had such a lovely, if bittersweet last meal with our friends, who pulled out all the stops and made an incredible meal. Around 10pm we meant wake Munchkin up to leave but of course she was already up - must have been able so sense the excitement. O and W drove us to the airport, came in, and walked with us as far as they were allowed, which was to the check in gate. We saw the flight was delayed but they said it was only in order to allow for de-icing of the plane. We said tearful goodbyes to our friends, then sat around for two hours. Munchkin did not sleep for more than the last 30 minutes of it, just before we boarded. Then we sat on the plane for an hour and a half, waiting for luggage to be unloaded for someone who'd evidently not decided to fly after all. That sucked because the kiddo woke up and basically stayed awake until about 3:30 am. This was not because she wasn't sleepy, but because KLM forces to you have a meal at 2 in the morning with all the lights on. It was too much excitement, Munchkin could not sleep. In the end she finally passed out from total exhaustion for a few hours. Unfortunately for me, she fell asleep on me so it was my duty to sit there and loose most of my feeling in my leg for maybe about 3 hours. I got maybe little to no sleep this whole time. Around 5 she awoke again, and we spent the rest of the flight trying to entertain a very tired, fussy, but still mostly cheerful child. We got home pretty much on time and all went straight to work/creche.

I have to say the night flight was a lot harder than I thought it would be, imagining as I did that Munchkin would sleep most of the flight. And it was certainly not for lack of running around. Munchkin has decided the the most hilarious thing is to run the opposite direction on a  moving  sidewalk, much to the amusement of passerby's. Next time we are drugging the kid up.


Dad said...

How did Munchkin make out at the creche with like no sleep at all?

Bernice said...

Maybe it is Mom who needs the drugs:)

NY2DC2MI2LA2AMS said...

I believe in Benadryl for these things! I bow down to Benadryl. And Q knows exactly what is going on when I pull it out.

Josh said...

I am dreading flying with all 3 of ours. The longest flight we ever did was about 4 hours with two of them.

I cannot imagine an 11 hour flight with even one of them - so mad props!

alexis said...

NY2 - hello! You found my boring blog. I tell you, we are drugging for the next flight.

Josh, this is just one kid, I think you are justifiably scared of flying with 3.