Friday, February 01, 2013

Hit the Road Jack

Ah work travel.... I have made it no secret, when I travel for work, it is not for distant, exotic places. It is to Belgium or it is to Luxembourg. The company I work for is finally maturing a little and now I have a relatively established travel schedule - I go once a month to Luxembourg and sort of tack on trips to Belgium along the way or not. 

Or at least that was the idea. Then last year we got a very big opportunity and it was travel whenever you need to get the deal closed to Luxembourg. That finally wrapped up.. and now we have a big opportunity in Belgium. So the travel is coming fast and furious. For those of you who do not - work travel is only glamorous a) if you never travel for work or b) if you are traveling for the first times for work. I am not in either of those categories. If there were a Facebook group for People Who Like Work Travel it would have no one and be the least successful social media marketing strategy ever. 

I do like what happens when you travel however, which is see clients and do all that client-y stuff. So, since railing against isn't productive and does not stop anyways, I am determined to be more zen about it this year. I am fortunate that Munchkin is not a difficult child, she is older as well, and so leaving OH with her doesn't fill me with as much of the gut-wrenching guilt as it used to. Plus he is very zen and awesome himself. I will try as much as possible to get home in the evenings, because I need Munchkin time to keep me happy and productive at work. I will accept cancelled trains, traffic in Brussels, and delayed flights. I will buy chocolates for hubby to assuage the remainder guilt I do have that lingers. I may even get a new laptop bag since the 10+ year old one I have now is starting to show its age. 

I will be a grown up about it. My life is very good, and we have to make due with the small inconveniences that are necessary to keep it all rolling along.*

* that does not exempt me from posting periodic rants on this blog mind.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I must know - what kind of laptop bag do you have that lasted 10+ years? I bought one three years ago (which I use every single workday), and it's looking pretty ragged after three years. Since I need a new one, maybe you can share your wisdom.

Bernice said...

Yes, blogs are a wonderful place to rant. As well as share the wonderful things.

alexis said...

RM, dear I couldn't say where I got it since it was so long ago! Actually I think I must exaggerate, it is probably only like 7-8 years old.