Thursday, April 18, 2013

AinA Presents: Worst Sharing of Holiday Photos Ever

I present to you the worst possible curation of photos from a holiday. In no particular order, over several days, I will share with you the lovely photos OH took from our holiday in Vietnam. Do not try to reassemble our trip from the order in which they are given because they will be all over the place.

awww, group photo! Outside the Reunification Palace

Reunification palace. Those pilars are an open grid onto the  rooms behind them.

Munchkin reunited with sleep

Naturally every palace needs a disco and DJ corner

The formerly named American War Crimes Museum

Excellent playroom in formerly named War Crimes Museum. Go figure.

French influence: church in Saigon

Water Puppets!! The Dragons where the best in my humble opinion. Munchkin has a toy dragon to prove it.

The puppeteers - they were really talented!

Munchkin sat through the whole hour performance without a peer. Unbelievable! 
All the kids were totally enraptured. If you have kids and you go to Vietnam, see them puppets!


Ale said...

yey finally fotos!!! :) i love dragons too... how cool is munchkin for having VIETNAM stamps on her little passport! rock on!

Gloria said...

How does the whole water puppet thing work? It looks like the peppetiers are in the water as well!

alexis said...

mom, they are! they stand behind a screen and manipulate the puppets but it's all a bit complicated and there are different systems used in different regions.