Friday, June 21, 2013

Flying Solo

Today is mamadag. Munchkin is napping, but I'm tempted to go in and wake her up. Why? To get some last snuggle time in before she and her father fly away to England for the weekend. OH's mom is getting older and since we don't live nearby* we decided it was important to be there as much as we could. Regular readers will recall however, that we have already gone to South Africa and Vietnam this year. We have not only gone through the travel budget this year, we have dive bombed it out of the water. But where family is concerned we make exceptions. There is budget and there is obligation, and we aren't on our last dime yet, so we cashing in money for time. I think this is a lesson I learned from my grandfather. It's good to be fiscally responsible - god knows it seems to be shockingly rare these days. But you need to look over the longer term. Maybe you spend a little more today, but if it's important and you know it's finite, it's no longer an expense but an investment.

All that being said however, we decided that we still needed to be a wee bit mindful of cash. So OH and Munchkin are going, and I am staying here. I didn't like making the decision when we bought the tickets, and here on the eve of my family leaving me, I like it even less. What is so funny is that I am the one who travels for work! If anyone is away from the family, it is me. But it's different this time. I travel during the week when I am used to not seeing my Munchkin anyways. This time it's a weekend, 48 hours of airspace with no Munchkin schedule to follow, no OH to eat breakfast with, no family to enjoy. And it's going to rain all weekend.

Parents of older children tell me I will come to love these rare moments, and I believe them. But for now, I'm bummed.

* well it's all relative isn't it? I'm not about to hop over to visit my folks for the weekend, am I? :)


Dad said...

Hey, according to your Mom I was in a pretty dotering state this morning when we changed planes in LA from Hawaii so you'd better start coming here on weekends :)

(Actually working on 4 hours of airplane cat naps and it being 3 AM body clock time had something to do with it).

I can tell you that all the trips I made to your grandparents over the 15 years after I made the same decision were something I'm very grateful for now.

I commented on SRM's blog that I always find being the one staying at home to be more lonely than being the one who travels.

Gloria said...

So sorry you are feeling lonesome. Hopefully you will be around on Sunday morning so we can skype. But we will miss seeing L & R!