Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Gray Amsterdam Awfulness Returns

It's winter here. I know this not from the thermostat but from looking outside to the gray, soul-sucking overcast of clouds that announces the arrival of another long, dismal northern European winter. As glorious as summer can be is how depressing winter can be. Winter is also about three times as long. By February we will all be clawing to get some direct sunlight.

Maybe because we had such a great summer I am feeling the weight of awful winter more this year. It makes you just want to stay inside and hibernate until the sun shows up again. We are planning some travel to break things up. Not that we will be going to sunny places, but we have a countdown until I am grounded and our lives change again as we go from 1-child parents to multi-child parents. AKA: point of no return. It seems like it can take up to a year to really adjust. Starting with this weekend, we will be going for a nice overnight trip to visit a Christmas market in Germany where we'll meet our friends. It will be very different from the last time we did this with our super dear friends O and W, and I'm actually really excited to see it through Munchkin's eyes.

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Dad said...

It will have to be really great seeing it through Munchkin eyes.