Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November in Pictures aka, nothing to say

Actually I am rather remiss in posting photos but quite a number of them are on FB and I hate to repurpose content. ;)

I love the industry with which Munchkin now plays. This latest wagon thingee was left on our doorstep by a neighbor, so kind!

Munchkin and J. Munchkin loves J, I mean in a plutonic, two year old way of course.

These two could be twins. Note the tee-shirt. We bought this in Old Town, Albuquerque for what I thought was highway robbery at 14 USD or something including tax. But Munchkin wears it All. The. Time. Just goes to show, you never know.

Reason to have a car: indoor, totally free playgrounds at garden centers outside town.

Chilling after a busy daddy day.

This book is in very high rotation right now, "Monsters in the Blue" as Munchkin describes it. Great birthday gift from Grandma thank you!

We are making progress with potty training, just not in the right direction. 

Surreal picture of OH taking a picture of our broken skylight: all fixed now and just in time for the cold to set in.


Dad said...

All Munchkin pictures are well appreciated by the parental set.

alexis said...

your internet must be gangbusters out there is Cambodia to be keeping up with all your blogs!