Thursday, December 12, 2013

T-day Redux

The sign of a good evening with friends is when you only have photos of the first part of it. 

Proof why you should pot-luck on Thanksgiving: feet up, everything done, just waiting for friends to arrive.

Nice stuff given to us by nice friends. I love that we still use my sister's cast off plates.

What's that hiding in the corner? The world's smallest turkey.

It is best to bring toddler reinforcements for that inevitable moment when they grow tired of adult blah blahs.

As with the last pregnancy, we are building a stockpile of good booze which we can only relieve by plying it on friends.

Looks like a deep conversation. We are probably talking about pooey nappies.

Friends on T-day

AKA, Pregnancy cleavage: enjoying it while it lasts!


Dad said...

Baby's getting big!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Ha! Pregnancy cleavage is always good! You really do accumulate a bunch of liquor during a pregnancy. We're already trimming back on purchases in anticipation of trying next year.

alexis said...

omg omg omg Joe, #2 already? You guys are fast movers!