Friday, December 20, 2013

Week almost past!

Thank goodness! A sprint to the end of the year. Next week things quiet down a little as most clients go on holiday and I will rest up for the big sprint that will be next year before baby arrival.

I have no idea how legit this is, but it made me smile. We live in such incredible times, this sort of phenomenon where people decide to go backwards reminds you that forward progression isn't a given. 


Lauren said...

Congrats on #2! I was soooooo far behind. I just spent a few hours catching up on all of your activities since September! Rest up, enjoy the 'peace' of one little person. Merry Merry!

alexis said...

hi there stranger! Yes, now you're all caught up.

We are very happy about #2, and definitely trying to enjoy the calm of one child.