Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Roundup

I had a short weekend - boo. I am too spoiled by my three day weekends with Munchkin.

Friday I went to Brussels. I prefer not to dwell on this in the hopes that it will go away. My new role at work means that for 95% of my work I now only travel in the Netherlands. There is one exception. Hopefully it will go to 100% soon, but for now I have one client in BE as well. I had to go down on the Friday mama day to meet the client and convey the news. Mostly it went well, and I'll just try to do right as I can. We ordered pizza in the evening and watched a double header: Drinking Buddies, a rom-com which was surprisingly good, and the Wolverine. 

Saturday we shopped for mundane and non-mundane things. This is our first X-mas alone and much planning of food and gifts took place. I am very determined to fight the holiday becoming focused around gifts and spending. We'll see how that turns out over time! Munchkin had a mega nap and I made the densest pan of fudge known to humanity while she slept. I tell you, I just do not have the touch for these marshmallow-based fudge recipes. That evening we went over to our friends' J and A for a delicious dinner and Eukre! This is a card game that I know exclusively from school days in Michigan, but is known around that bit of the midwest. It is like a simplified bridge. It was loads of fun to learn again. OH and I did well the first round then got spectacularly creamed the second round. Humbling! Sadly I didn't remember much of the strategy around the game but lots of memories of dorm rooms and beer did come back. 

Sunday we all got up very late and we decided to do a little exploring in our own city and head over to the Sunday Market in Westerpark. Westerpark is on the other side of town for us now. Pre-child, we probably would have cycled the 30 minutes over there but post-child we are more hesitant. We are just not in the habit at the moment of having her on the bike that long and I think both of us worry about her comfort. We did ride our bikes to take the tram, then had the worst tram luck ever, missing it by fractions of a minute both there and back. Normally that would be fine but Sunday there are far less running and we spent a lot more quality time waiting at tram stops that we would have liked. 

The market did not disappoint however. It is a regular monthly occurrence but neither of us can recall if we've been before or not. What made us doubt was how BIG it was - tons and tons of local artists selling stuff. This is a market in the sense of gifts and doo-dads, along with street food. Not so much produce. It was incredible! We maybe got through half of it due to conflicts with nap times and sleepy Munchkins running out of juice. This was maybe larger due to it being a special X-mas edition as well. We didn't get a chance to buy any things, but oh man - the food. We had a delicious empanada, a barra which is a fried dough thing from India (they did not bother to specify where in India which leave me wondering now...) filled with spicy tofu, and the piece de resistance: a pulled pork wrap. Even Munchkin ate the pulled pork, and she is deep in the phase of eating only things she knows. We missed the damn tram just barely on the way back which meant we got home much later. Munchkin after all her whining didn't end up sleeping so we got a good chance to talk to our friend M in the US and her boys. Munchkin loves talking to the boys since we visited there back in October. Seems like yesterday and so long ago at the same time!


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Maybe all the beer prevented the memories of strategy from sticking?

Also, I am continually amazed at how many movies you can watch. You always seem so up-to-the minute with your film viewing.

Mariam said...
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alexis said...

RM - it is totally a product of being exhausted Friday nights but still wanting to "do" something together. Since OH is not into watching reruns of cooking shows for the 70th time and I've yet to get into first person shooters, movies have become it. :)