Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Breast Success

We are breastfeeding. I can't say for how long. I am aiming for 6 months exclusive and if it is sustainable, the full first year. Thanks to our awesome kraamzorg, we got off to a great start. One of the things that she immediately picked up on that I myself hadn't really recognized was that I had a lot of hang ups and fears about breast feeding due to our experience with Munchkin.

Readers will recall before Munchkin was Munchkin, she was the Piranha. This was due to some unique issues we experienced while trying to breast feed. Say what you will about my children, neither of them have been shy about taking the boobie. Munchkin in particular was very enthusiastic about it. Imagine trying to latch Pac Man on uppers and that sums up the challenge we had. We had to stay in the hospital after the birth and didn't receive any assistance until it was too late, and much damage had already been done. We never really managed to catch up after that.

All of this was still hanging over me with Miss Sausage. Our wonderful kraamzorg made it her mission during that first week to ensure we got off to a good start, and especially that I felt confident that I could do it. She was very hands on - literally sometimes. The result was however that Sausage was already back at her birth weight within a week (something they usually aim for here by the second week).

With breast feeding you can't really know how much your kiddo is drinking. The consultatie bureau where all the vaccinations and growth check ups are done also offers once a week weigh ins. I'd never bothered (or knew about them!) with Munchkin. I'm happy to report Miss Sausage has put on lots of weight. I loved breast feeding with Munchkin despite all the issues. I am loving it again with Sausage - it's such an amazing thing that you can nourish your child with just this product of your own body. It's so nice to get the confirmation we'll be able to do this thing for a while.


Dad said...

I'm really happy for you that it is going so much better this time around.

Lauren said...

Huzzah! yes, I had a much easier time with Rosie than Lily. I think it just gets easier with practice. keep up the good work.