Friday, April 25, 2014

Holy S***! or, Going out with Multiple Children

This morning I went out for the first time with both toddler and baby. I had both my mother and father in town to help me. And yet still... Hot damn, it is hard work!

The baby is still floppy and basically just goes wherever you go in the wrap. The good thing about the wrap is that you just strap the kid on and off you go. The bad part is that it's hard to pick up your other, larger toddler with the little one covering your front. It felt very physically and emotionally draining. On the physical front I think this will get better with time - I have to remember I am still only a couple weeks from having given birth and as a result bits of me are still healing up.

Emotionally I also think this will get better as well. I've got the post birth crazy mama hormones which make me incapable of watching a sentimental toilet paper commercial without getting choked up. Game of Thrones is pretty much ruined for me this season, I can tell you. In practical terms it means I get hyper analytic thinking about if I am giving "enough" attention to both of my children. Eventually the hormones will settle, or I will have a nervous breakdown, and this too will improve.

I think having play dates with other children will help a lot in either case. Another child will provide more entertainment for my kiddo that she doesn't then need to look to me to get, and it will mean less having to try to run around after her with a baby strapped on.

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Dad said...

I've got to say, watching you, I would never have thought you were in such turmoil. So maybe you just mask it well.

I will also say from watching your mother I don't think any woman every truly gets over all these feelings.

I like the play date idea. I think it is a good way to make things easier for the oldest.