Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 2 - ouders op bezoek!

Sasha Sausage (working title for daughter #2) had perfect timing in terms of parental assistance. The day after our kraamzorg ended, my parents arrived, as well as a morning visit from our very good friend currently living in Istanbul, M. M is such a good friend, we are super glad she is moving back in the summer to Amsterdam!

It's been wonderful having my parents in town. In particular it's really eased the transition for Munchkin in having to share the lime light with a physically demanding baby. There is no getting around the fact you have to carry a baby and feed it a certain amount of time during the day. Having grandparents is a big help. At some point she will simply adjust to the new regime, and enjoy a bit more independence now that we have to watch two kids, meaning more opportunities for mischief if she's clever enough to exploit it.

The weather has also been cooperating, only raining on the Sunday of their arrival. The time is going far too quickly! We are at a nice stage where no one feels a pressure to do anything in Amsterdam, since my parents have been here so often. We walk around as much as I can (gotta let that perineum heal!) and just enjoy each other's company and the baby. In the evening my father cooks (yeah!!) and we devote lots of attention to Munchkin when she returns home from creche.

Sasha Sausage has remained a pretty chill kiddo. She loves falling asleep next to someone, especially in the wrap. She likes to stay awake during the day - good lord, keep that trend going kid! Munchkin doesn't really know what to do with this time suck on mom and dad I think, but I hope we can keep integrating the baby into her routine. 

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Dad said...

It's been wonderful to be there for Munchkin too. It will be interesting to see how she adjusts to the new reality.

We love the L'il Sausage...she is sooo sweet.