Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Round Up Maybe - part 1

We shall see how far I get! Or how much I remember- I have quite terrible baby brain. I have a baby strewn across my lap with gas and a toddler racing around on her scooter. Her grandparents are trying bravely to pack for part 2 of their trip, beyond family and on to sight seeing in Belgium and France. We have had a wonderful week with my parents and we will definitely miss them, especially Miss Munchkin Moo.

Saturday was of course - King's day! The very first. We had a leisurely start with pancakes and sausage to power us through the morning. Stupidly we didn't buy anything, even though this is the one day of the year you can garage sale. I simply cannot make decisions when I'm overloaded with choice and stimuli. We made sure my parents had a good representative sample of everything that makes King's Day what it is: orange, drinking, and yard sales. We went to Saphartipark which was surprisingly busy, almost to rival Vondelpark. We had to stop at a cafe for me to rest and to feed Ms. Sausage (daughter #2)

(many hours later)

So... this post sat for a bit. I think I'll post it as is, and leave the rest for tomorrow since Ms. Sausage is about to wake up for another feeding and we just got back from a play ground session. A good representation of our lives at this moment.


Dad said...

Trust me fellow was a good weekend :)

Gill - UK said...

A toddler, a newborn, visitors and a blog - I'm impressed