Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Round up, take #2

Tonight we are on our own for the foreseeable future. Grandparents are off on their adventure, and Miss Sausage is having trouble settling down. So this will be a super fast wrap up of the round up! Saturday as I said was King's day - I think I'm pretty done with it for the time being. Maybe next year we'll feel differently since I won't have just given birth. I stayed with sleeping Munchkin and Sausage while the others went down to get a taste of crazy further in town.

Sunday we went out to breakfast at one of our local places - first breakfast out with the whole family. We then went further east to the Tropenmuseum, one of Munchkin's favorites. Sausage obliged by staying asleep most of the afternoon.

Monday rather felt like weekend too. Our last day together! So we spent the morning apart: my parents very kindly watched Munchkin while OH and I went to the US Consulate to get the process of passport and other paperwork started for the Sausage. I am always so appreciative of the politeness and courtesy of everyone who works at the US general consulate in Amsterdam.

Afterwards, we had lunch at cafe Loetje near us and enjoyed a long play session in the afternoon with Munchkin while my mother/grandma watched the Sausage. We already miss the grandparents, though we've decided to throw caution to the wind and take the nearly 960 km drive to France to join them.


NMichelle aka Breaking Bad addict :P said...

Glad you decided to join them!!! :)

Dad said...

We are too Michelle!