Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Baby no more

So one of the consequences of having a new baby is that I realized my other baby wasn't such a baby after all. Our Munchkin is nearly 3 years old. But I wasn't really treating her as such. It took a few weeks of having a little newborn to make this realization.

It all feels part of the process of growing our family. Munchkin has a new role now, she's been promoted to Oldest Child now. She is the older sister. At first I felt guilty and sad about not being able to see my Munchkin as my little baby. Then I realized - she was still my Munchkin. She will always be my Munchkin. And I can't just keep treating her like a little baby. As she gets older I will have to continue to change to adapt to her growing needs. 


Dad said...

Oooo I can remember so many of those "Oh she's not a ...... anymore" moments. They are sad but as you say they are also part of the fabric of living

alexis said...

ugh, wait, there are more of these??