Friday, May 02, 2014

Beyond Survived - Excelled!

First day flying solo with two kids - success!

Hugely thanks to my very good friend A who came out with her son C to visit. We had coffee, we had banana cake (translation for Americans: banana bread, but let's be honest, it's cake - especially when you add chocolate chips), then we took the kids out to the park. It was cooler than normal for the time of the year, but C and Munchkin still had a wonderful time! They played at the park, they played in the cafe together. Thank goodness it was not too crowded so the kids could be a little rambunctious. Miss Sausage slept more or less the whole time.

Munchkin was so exhausted she fell asleep in the stroller on the way home. The nap didn't last long and the Sausage was awake the whole time she was asleep. We went to the local playground for another play session, after a rather intense crying session by the Sausage trying to get her in the wrap. She gets overtired and then bursts into hysteric crying which can only be consoled by forcing her to sleep. It was tiring work, but the more we do it the more I see it will simply get easier.


Dad said...

What is about kids that they don't want to sleep (guess they think they're going to miss something fabulous) and then they get overtired and melt down.

I love my naps!


alexis said...

must be wisdom of age!