Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Round Up

It feels like every weekend is a four day weekend since I am home on maternity leave and get to share OH's daddy day. I should probably include it in the weekend round up!

Especially as Monday was really a continuation of the weekend. Sunday we'd had a late and short playdate with our friends B and son I. Lo and behold, B also has a daddy day on Mondays. WTF! We have known these guys for months now and somehow missed this critical piece of information. Monday of course being also OH's daddy day. And did I mention Munchkin and I adore each other? They do. We went over to B's and had a really nice morning. The kids ran themselves ragged, aka, mission accomplished. I had to leave a bit earlier because I was meeting a mom for lunch up the street. I took Sausage with me because right afterwards we had her very first Consultatiebureau visit! In the Netherlands, your gp (doctor) is only for when you are sick or something is wrong. For vaccines and growth & development check ups, this is done by the state via the consultatiebureau.

I am sure I've written about this in the past, but they have something of a reputation amongst expats as being a bit pedantic about their expected progression on the development front. Stories abound of parents being told with classic Dutch bluntness that their kids are fat or slow. Sausage was more or less average on all counts and even a bit above average on weight (yeah breast feeding going well!). I'd thought there was a first shot but turns out this will be next time. In any case, nothing to report which at this stage of the game is exactly what you want to hear. 

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Dad said...

Ahh, achieving the great Dutch ideal of average :)