Friday, May 09, 2014


In a couple ways, in fact

Restless: as in getting no rest. And I really, really can't complain because Ms Sausage regularly sleeps stretches of 4-6 hours at night (gods of babies, let it remain thus!). But even with only getting up twice in the night and the relatively tranquility of nursing in bed, it takes its toll over time. It's now been nearly 4 weeks and I feel it draining me little by little. Each morning I wake up that much crankier. Time to start making time for naps, something I'm terrible at.

Restless: as in feeling a need to do more or other things. It's a strange juxtaposition of feelings. On the one hand I want to be with my new little Sausage all the time, and in a fantasy world with Munchkin too (fantasy as in I can give both equal attention). At the same time I am checking in on work a lot more frequently than my claimed once every two weeks. I am itching a little to get back into the game. In my ideal world, I would go to meetings with Sausage strapped in the wrap, taking only the briefest of pauses to get her latched on to nurse or change a blow out.


Dad said...

Let me know when you have if figured out as I've felt restless and torn my whole life :)

Lauren said...

Coffee. I never mastered the nap (for myself). You'll find your balance, no fears.