Monday, May 05, 2014

Weekend Round Up

A lovely weekend, though the weather was quite cold!

Well the second half. OH had a horrible cold that put him out of commission for the first half. So I flew solo with the girls to meet our friend K with her son I, whose husband was also out of town, for a play date. We had a great time, it was sunny but cold. I got my first opportunity to nurse on a park bench with Miss Sausage (dubious first), where I made the important realization you need to time feedings with when you need to chase your Munchkin. Not so easy to chase after a toddler with a baby on the breast - good to remember for the future!

We had lunch at home then a very nice visit from our friends G and S, who got treated to the full newborn experience as Miss Sausage pooed, needed to be nursed and subsequently spat up all in the first half hour of their arrival. The rest of the afternoon was a bit hairy as the Munchkin refused to nap and was quite fussy, OH was still miserable, and Sausage was overtired, but we all survived.

Sunday we awoke to a fresh new day and a healthy husband- hurray! I realize we adults are still going to get sick and have to do this solo parenting from time to time, so I may as well get prepared. We did a giant food shop then walked down to a playground we hadn't been to in ages. When I was pregnant it felt way too far to walk to. Imagine how surprised I was when we walked there, this time with newborn strapped on externally, and to realize that it wasn't that far at all. I was able to take OH to my current favorite coffee place, a Brazilian roaster that also does a simple but nice lunch menu - think we'll be back there! We finished the afternoon with Munchkin again refusing to nap and Sausage as well. My tactic of making/prepping dinner any time in the afternoon when I can put the baby down seems to be working very well, as I was able to make an awesome meal while our toddler had a rematch with egg coloring (she liked it so much on Easter!) and our baby continued to not sleep and get fussy.

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Dad said...

Soooo frustrating when the toddler (who clearly needs the nap) refuses.

Soooo funny the image of Mom with baby strapped firmly to breast running after toddler in the playground.