Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Roundup

I can see the danger of waiting to write about the weekend until its end is that I will probably forget most of it. I have the worst case of baby brain this time around it seems. Nevertheless I shall endeavor to recall what we did. It was a mixed bag of weather, tending towards horrible, but we still had a really nice time.

Friday I believe I didn't write anything. It was my second day flying solo with the two kids. I hadn't really planned anything, which ended up being okay! The weather wasn't fantastic and Munchkin was low energy. We managed to get out the door in less than 20 minutes (that's my new goal for flying solo these days), kind of puttered around the park and playground, but as Munchkin wasn't feeling it, we went home quite early and then she shocked me by actually taking a nap for something like 3 hours! She must have been exhausted. I say also shocked because Munchkin seems to be clearly getting ready to drop the nap. Boo! I will miss it when I return to work, I am sure. I think we will continue with at least a daily quiet time around that time. Our friend A who is visiting from Colorado came by for a really good jaw gab and tea during this unexpected respite. Sausage was quiet and angelic more or less the whole time - keep that up kiddo!

In the evening we managed to achieve perfect pizza delivery timing when OH emerged from having read Munchkin bedtime stories and answer the door for the pizzas the second he stepped out of her room. We watched Philemenia which was quite good actually and crashed.

Saturday was wet! We were really keen to try the Brazilian coffee place we'd been to for lunch the previous week for breakfast so we braved the rain anyways. They have a really strange dish which is like yogurt and muesli except substitute frozen acia berry puree for the yogurt. It's like eating ice cream for breakfast. Nice but not the best dish for such a cold, wet day. We did a quick shop to tide us over for the next couple days then sped home to stay dry for a pretty boring afternoon. Both OH and I were more or less killing time waiting for Fun Evening Things. I was hosting Mah Jongg aka Eurovision Song Contest watching with the ladies. OH was taking advantage of this to go out to dinner and see a movie with friends (mom at home = free babysitting). I was totally panicked about the timing of trying to put both girls down and get the house in order for guests. I cajouled OH to help tidy up before he had to go, I had dinner for Munchkin ready in advance and everything laid out for Munchy's bedtime. I knew when Sausage needed to be fed, which should have been just before people started to arrive.

Of course, everything went off without any problem, much to my complete surprise! Munchkin hadn't napped and was so tired she went to bed early. Sausage also passed out super early, so that I was sitting on the couch twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do, waiting for people to arrive in the end. I will have to write about Eurovision separately, it really does deserve its own entry and we had a super lovely evening. Of course I felt less cheerful about it when I had to wake up an hour and a half after I went to bed to feed Sausage but them's the breaks and you know it with babies.

Sunday it poured All. Day. Long. Thank god(s) we had made a playdate/breakfast with some more New Americans, this time from OH's work. They are very recently arrived, and have two totally fun kids. We ended up hanging out from 10 when we arrived until 4pm! So I guess we had a good time and Munchkin had a blast playing with their children who are 3 and 5 respectively. I am reaching a critical mass of New Americans that I need to arrange something for them all to meet one another. We stayed so late that we overran other tentative plans we'd made with our friends K and B and their son I. Son I is ridiculously adorable and he and Munchkin are extremely fond of each other in that way only toddlers are. So I was very remorseful that we'd not managed our time better. Turns out K was sick so just the boys came over for a very brief but fun visit. A super busy and extremely pleasant weekend!

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Dad said...

How wonderful of Munchkin and Sausage to be so accommodating!